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If you are here it means you are considering me to join your company in a proffesional fashion. To that I thank you for considering me. This website was built by hand to show off my skills, qualifications and reasons why I am the number 1 canidate to join your team. So lets go learn about me shall we?


I graduated from Suffolk University in the heart of Boston in the Spring of 2019 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Adminstration. My Majors were in Marketing and and Global Business.During this time I was named to the Deans List. I took several differing courses including Sports Markting, Social Media Marketing, Business Law and many others which helped to round out my knowledge of the field. I exceled in group scenarios and public speaking events. Being in the heart of Boston was an amazing experience and has driven me to continue my career and life in the area.

I also studied abroad during the summer of 2018 in Madrid, Spain through the Study Abroad program at my University. It was a fantastic opportunity which allowed me to explore overseas for the first time. During this time I spent a month in the city of Madrid and explored its rich history and culture. I also took short trips to Barcelona and Seville. Afterwards I took a few more days and visited Ireland, Britain, Italy and Greece before returning home to the states. It was a wonderful experience.



Since Graduation, I have been working in Northborough, Massachusets for Michelle Gillespie Realtors, our family real estate firm which is an offshoot of Keller Williams. During my time here at the company, I have taken on many aspects of the sales and marketing process. On the sales end, I handle outreach, data and some customer support. I assemble data on which agents and or buyers are both looking to purchase property in the local area and which ones are looking to purchase within our propertys price range. I manage and update our comapnys Salesforce data and keep it up to date. And I assist customers with whatever need they may have wether it be assistance through paperwork or preparation for physical events. Four outreach we include cold calling and email campaigns. We have found email campaigns to have a much higher rate of success in generating intrest and we leave cold calling for times when the emails don't provide results or we are moving forward with an intrested party.

On the sales front I also handle the graphic design for our comapny. I create both documents for potential customers on the property and its key information to be delivered both physically and digitally and documents for clients to help them with the moving and selling process. Thses range from flyers that we have avaliable to intrested buyers, upciming notices about new properties we send to agents, info sheets to remind sellers what to do when finalizing thier moves and recently, instructions and tips on how to remaion safe during the quarintine.

Before my current role, I worked at the Massachusets State House in Boston as a tour guide. I started in this position as a volunteer and soon I was made an intern. This was an excellent position for me as I love history and being able to teach about the history of our state and it's government was a fantastic experience.


Through my work and education, I have developed many skills that would be tremendously useful in the workplace. My time working with the Massachusets State House has helped to hone my communication skills both through written and verbal forms. As well, it helped me in working on changing my approach based on the audience in front of me.

I am skilled in the Microsoft Office line of products. This includes Word and Powerpoint for written and presentations, Publisher for design and Excel for data entry. I am also skilled in the usage of their Google Counterparts.

I have a strong understanding of the major social media platforms and marketing on them. This includes both native and paid marketing. This includes platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

I have recieved certifications from both Google Analytics and Hubspot during my time at university.

I am self taught in both HTML and CSS. This knowledge has been used to craft the website you are currently on.

I am self taught in video editing as well. The main program used in my editing is Sony Vegas Pro. Below are some examples of videos I have created in my personal time.


I have several hobbies outside of work. I am very active in exercise after developing workout routines in high school playing varisty football. I enjoy both lifting weights and going on long walks to build cardio.

I also greatly enjoy cooking and baking. Food always does taste better whenyou make it yourself. Its a very enjoyable hobby that helps to improve yourself. Some of my favorite recpies include Choclate Chip cookies and Spicy Seafood Pasta. Currently I am attempting to nail an recipe for Banna Bread.

I also enjoy consumption of various forms of media. Gaming is one of my favorites since childhood. Long RPGS and Fighting games are some of my favorites. I've also been attempting to become an avid collector of the medium. Its in a unqiue spot where preservation is key and I want to hold onto a large collection going into the future. I also love movies and TV.

Conclusion and Contact

I hope this Website has been of use to you in the hiring process. I believe that I would make a fantastic fit to join your company as someone who is always willing to strive for improvement and to do the best job I can.
If you wish to contact me you can reach me a or at 774-258-2135. Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic day.